Design Your Own Lighting: 5 Reasons to Get Customized Chandeliers

Design Your Own Lighting: 5 Reasons to Get Customized Chandeliers

1. Choose Any Shape

When it comes to regular lighting, you can choose neither shape nor style. Frankly speaking, there are a few colors available for choosing and that is it. When it comes to customized chandeliers, you can choose any shape, say solitaire or pod. Depending on what you are looking for, you can add roundness, simplicity or more vertical length and complexity by means of the shape of your chandelier.

These are just a few shapes you may choose for your customized chandeliers:

Triangular crystal chandeliers. Usually, they look tacky because there are literally millions of triangular crystal chandeliers and all of them look like each other. If you admire, say, Spanish architecture and style “back to XIX”, a crystal chandelier is a good choice. If you tend to minimalism, just choose another material.

Square chandelier. Perfect for minimalists. And perfectionists. Why do we recommend to choose this shape for a customized chandelier? Yes, there are numerous square chandeliers but as a rule, they’re in a lack of colors. With us, you can choose any shape and color you want and add unique details to your masterpiece.

Any shape. Sounds ridiculous? Not at all. Sometimes you need triangular-square shape or, say, a star shape or semicircular chandelier. That’s why we do what we do.

2. Be unique

Regular jeans. Regular smartphone. Regular clothes.

It seems that standardization and globalization burst into our life at railway speed. Speaking of your interior design, a customized chandelier is one of the easiest ways to stand out of the line and be unique.

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal chandeliers. No boundaries. Do you want a fluffy one? Light green or salmon color? Any special shade?

Your apartment is a place where everything should resonate with your lifestyle and attitude. Life is too short to live with regular chandelier. Yes. You can make up and put into practice anything you want.

3. It can save your budget

Surprised? However, in comparison with luxury chandeliers and customized ones, the latter could be even cheaper. A nice bonus: encourage unique design and young entrepreneurs who strive to offer crème de la crème.

Thinking of interior décor, you probably have many other expenses: from curtains to sofa pillars. Thus, sometimes choosing a customized chandelier can save you a fortune and it will definitely be cheaper if you order a series of chandeliers or a few pieces at once.

4. Easy Way to Upgrade Your Apartment (Especially If It’s Rental)

You know how many restrictions they have if you rent an apartment: ‘do not paint any walls’ or ‘do not hammer any nails’ and that’s only the beginning.

Getting a regular chandelier is dull since your apartment has all these standard pieces of furniture. A different matter is a customized chandelier that is able to change your apartment just like that.

What if it’s your own place? Believe us, a customized chandelier is one of the cheapest, fastest and coolest solutions to upgrade your apartment only in a day. And the most reasonable one.

5. A step into your new life

If you have been too minimalistic or you were a bit hesitant to bring something new to your life — start with your interior, bring a customized chandelier.

By the way, if you don’t have any design ideas, there are many chandeliers you can complete your apartment with or just look through ready-to-go designs in order to make up your new one.

A customized chandelier seems to be the best solution to redecorate your place and give it a wind of change.

Our professionals are able to customize any idea you want. Any shape, any size, any style. All you need to do is to tell us what you need. Designing custom chandeliers have been our passion for many years because we truly believe lightning is one of the most important parts of any interior. With a customized chandelier, you may add your home that luster or your office that high-tech style.

We boast of an experienced team of craftsmen who are able to make any lightning dream come true. There’s an important thing to mention — all of our customized chandeliers are unique; thus, you may not worry, yours will be one-of-a-kind.

Do not hesitate and call or write us to share your lightning dream today — we will give you a hand to make it real.